Catering services may be a difficult part of a party since there are many things to keep in mind. If you want to find a good catering service in Perth, we have made the perfect guide for you.

Although it is not focused on a specific type of food, you’ll find that the options listed below are worth considering even for the finest appetites.

Eastside Social

Eastside social is perfect for gatherings since it offers a café-style look that soothes the soul and is perfect for surprise dinners. But we’re not here for the ambience, we’re interested in the food that your gathering service offers.

6 Perth Restaurants with Catering Service for Your Company Event 1 - 6 Perth Restaurants with Catering Service for Your Company Event

If good food with great decorations is what you would like for an event, then EastsideSocial is a magnificent alternative.

Find a little bit of everything on the menu, as the style is international there is food in all styles, sizes and tastes. If you want to surprise everyone at your event with a wide variety of food, we recommend hiring Eastside Social.


Eat No Evil Street Food and Catering

This food truck is here to take you to flavour town since they have the best selection of food and snacks for all your celebrations. Although many of their dishes may sound like entrees, you can have an entire dinner on the table of all your guests in no time.

Your Playamo mobile company party is going to rock if you hire Eat no Evil since they have amazing dishes for you like twice-cooked lamb ribs, beetroot hummus and chimichurri.


The proud owner NimfordKazoom invites you to try Kazoomies, as they offer a North African cuisine that is just simply great. Since they use many condiments, every dish shows a cultural background that would attract and fascinate all your guests.

Orchard Espresso

You should visit Orchard Espresso, as they have an amazing and relaxing atmosphere that allows you to enjoy a cream coffee on another level. Since they’re a café, you can hire for catering, but take in consideration that the dishes will be all breakfast-like if that’s okay with you, then it’s perfect.

Manuka Woodfire Kitchen

If you’re ready for some dishes that just by hearing their names you get hungry, hire Manuka Woodfire Kitchen. They have awesome and delicious plates with a beautiful presentation like the wood-roasted baby beetroot with fresh ricotta and Oak Valley hazelnuts.

The Kauphy Place

Finally, we have some of the best Indian food for your guests. Taste the freshest spices with the food of The Kauphy Place, since we assure you that you would not regret it for an instant, unless you’re not into tasty and spicy food.

These places will make your corporate party be a total hit whether it is a year-end party or a simple business meeting with a client. Try new flavours and enjoy all Perth has to offer.