about anticocaffe 200x300 - About UsOur founder, Eleanor Turnbull, has her roots in the Italian tradition. During her adolescence, she lived several years in Italy, and according to her, they were the happiest of her life. There she learned to enjoy the little things in life. She learned about wine and how to enjoy it with a good plate of pasta.

When she arrived in her hometown, she decided to open a café specializing in Italian food. She thought it was an excellent idea to make the incredible traditions of Italy known in her city. So she founded Antico Caffe, a place to enjoy a good cup of coffee and relax,and taste the most exquisite desserts and Italian food.

The site has become one of the most popular in Perth. That’s why Eleanor decided to establish a blog dedicated to Antico Caffe and publish quality content for all Italian food lovers in Perth. You can read about the best Italian restaurants, eateries, and catering services.

You can also keep up to date with the venues for events in Perth. Discover the best places to make your special occasion what you’ve been dreaming of in the best atmosphere.

Enjoy the little Italy that exists in the heart of Perth’s gastronomy and get to know the best places that are waiting for you. Whether alone, with a partner, with friends or family, these places will make you relax and feel happy.

And all this while enjoying the best flavours and aromas you’ve ever tasted. Come and enjoy with us.