The citizens of Perth were excited since they heard the news that there was going to be a new restaurant in the area that will boost the local economy with great food. This establishment is from the Greene’s King franchise, but some characters in Perth claim that it’s unnecessary, because they already have many good places around to eat.

Even though one of these characters is the councillor of Perth, the food franchise is still backing its proposal with some undeniable facts that prove they’re right. If they get to open the restaurant, it will be called “Farmhouse Inn” and it will create at least 30 jobs. This will end up boosting the local economy by £1.23 million which is a lot.

Although many other options are relatively near, there’s no restaurant like this in the Broxden Business Park. The Greene’s King Franchise stated that this will help people in Perth since it brings attractiveness and investment for the park.

Perth Based Restaurant is Said to Boost Local Economy Despite Controversy 1 - Perth-Based Restaurant is Said to Boost Local Economy Despite Controversy

The franchise also relied on the people of Perth, since they commit to hire and train locals.

Although this restaurant for itself is not going to save Perth’s economy, it will attract more people to the area. Also, it can probably encourage other businesses to invest in the park when they see the harmonious and vivid atmosphere.

Since there’s still a lot of controversy about the restaurant, there haven’t been too many details on the building. However, the famous franchise released some info, as they expect it’s going to give them more support from the local people.

For example, they say that the restaurant will include a takeaway service and more than 90 spaces to park around the place.

Although the facts are clear and the benefits are easy to see, the councillor of Perth Willie Wilson creates controversy, stating that the construction of this restaurant is not needed. The counsellor insisted on refusing the construction of the restaurant since he declared that space could be used better to create a company with better jobs.

Wilson argues that you can find other options by riding the bus or walking a few minutes since nearby you can find a McDonalds, a Harvester and a Cherrybank Inn. The service is good and it’s on the way, so the councillor confirms that another food business is just a waste of good space.

While Greene’s King franchise is experiencing a rough time with this controversy, this is not the first time this happens, since other establishments have been in the same situation. Names like Costa Coffee drive-thru and Hungry Horse eatery are remembered since they were in this exact situation a few years ago, but no one ever got to an agreement.